Open Floor classes in Munich + Ecstatic Dance Rosenheim

Sunday, 14.06.2020  Sunday Prayer, ONLINE

Sunday, 05.07.2020   Sunday Prayer, ONLINE
Sunday, 12.07.2020   Sunday Prayer, ONLINE
Sunday, 19.07.2020   Sunday Prayer, ONLINE
Sunday, 26.07.2020  Sunday Prayer, Gewölbesaal ???

Cost for Sunday prayer: 20€, 17€ with early registration, 12€ for low income

Time Sunday Prayer: Sundays from 10.30 am - 1pm. Check the dates!!!


Please bring enough to drink with you. We'll dance barefoot or with danceshoes.

Adress:   Mohr - Villa,    Situlistraße 73 -75,    80939 München / Freimann

U 6 exit Freimann , 5 minutes by foot to the venue. Just follow the signs to Mohr-Villa.

There are good parcing possibilities for those, who come by car.

Follow the map, Tanzkeller No.9.


Impressions, Gewölbesaal, Mohr-Villa

Impressions, Tanzkeller, Mohr - Villa.

Workshops in Munich 2019:

Here now... Online Workshop with Juliana Barrett

Because of the Coronacrisis, I will offer this workshop online!!!!

for booking & information contact:

Bodyspirit 'The Heart' with Nele Vandezande & Kurt Pattyn

20.10. - 22.10.'20    Bodyspirit 'The Heartbody'  with Nele Vandezande & Kurt Pattyn

Our physical body is largely composed of an electromagnetic field. The largest and most powerful source and also central motor of this field is our heart. In addition to love and compassion, our heart contains many other forces and qualities that we do not sufficiently recognize and therefore use in our lives.


In this weekend we contact the wisdom and powers of our heart. We go deeper into the relationship between our heart and the rest of our body, between our heart and other people, between our heart and mother earth. We let ourselves drift into the sea of heart energy through the work of bodyspirit with Kurt and Nele.


Bodyspirit is an embodied centered awareness practice on the 8 layers of our body, physically as well as relationally, socially, ecologically and universally. This is not a tedious anatomical course, but an investigation and embodiement in support of what we develop and want to offer in our movement classes. Nele will use Open Floor curriculum to move into and through these topics.


Every module can be followed on its own, just join whenever you can.


Workshop time: Friday 7.30 - 10pm, Saturday 11am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Price: 300€, 230€ Super Early Bird if paid by 21th Aug.'20, 260€ Early bird if paid by 07th Oct'20


Registration + Information: Juliana Barrett     + 49 171 3052285