Open Floor classes in Munich Mohr-Villa or Studio 16:

Sunday, 04.03.2018                 11am - 1.30 pm, Sunday Prayer, Gewölbesaal Mohr-Villa

Sunday, 18.03.2018                 7 - 9 pm OFI Class, Gewölbesaal Mohr-Villa

Sunday, 25.03.2018                 7 - 9 pm, OFI Class, Gewölbesaal, Mohr-Villa


Cost for class: 15€, 12€ for low income

Cost for Sunday prayer: 17€, 12€ for low income


Please bring enough to drink with you. We'll dance barefoot or with danceshoes.

Adress:   Mohr - Villa,    Situlistraße 73 -75,    80939 München / Freimann

U 6 exit Freimann , 5 minutes by foot to the venue. Just follow the signs to Mohr-Villa.

There are good parcing possibilities for those, who come by car.

Follow the map, Tanzkeller No.9.


Impressions, Gewölbesaal, Mohr-Villa

Impressions, Tanzkeller, Mohr - Villa.

Impressions, Studio 16, Ehrengutstraße 16, Munich

Workshops in Munich 2018:

28.06. - 01.07. 2018   Libido Fundamental with Lucie Nerot

Workshoptime: Thurs 7.30 - 10pm, Fri + Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 5pm

Cost: 350€, Early Bird 320€ until 28.May 2018, Super-Early Bird 280€ until 28.March 2018


I am very happy that Lucie Nerot will offer her 4-day long Libido Fundamental Workshop in Munich!


The Workshop will take place in the Klangheilzentrum , Oetztalerstraße 1B, 81373 Munich

Registration + Information: Juliana Barrett

+49 171 3052285

Bodyspirit Organs 1: intimacy, sexuality & connection

30.11. - 02.12.'18    Bodyspirit Organs 1 with Nele Vandezande & Kurt Pattyn

Workshop time: Friday 7.30 - 10pm, Saturday 11am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm.

Price: will follow


'The creative intelligence of the human anatomy and beyond.

The basic aim of these workshops is learning to use the knowledge of the human body's anatomy and familiarizing ourselves with the wisdom anatomy has to offer us as movement teachers.

Using that knowledge allows us to dive deeper into whatever theme we want to explore.'


Nele was educated as a physiotherapist and has boundless fascination for the human body. Together with her partner Kurt Pattyn, an osteopath, she has been teaching movement classes since 1998, including 5R, relaxation, meditation and open floor movement.

'Our knowledge and experience with movement and our interest in human anatomy has led us to develope these workshops. From beginning, we started investigating these issues on the dancefloor and in our private practice. While Nele was teaching the workshops, Kurt investigated the impact of these workshops and themes on the human body, it's structures and mobility. For years, we have intensively and scientifically investigated these issues.

This process came to fruition in bodyspirit, which is our way of sharing our knowledge.

We feel that this is now the right moment to also share this knowledge with our fellow movement teachers, movement therapists and other professionals, at home and abroad.'


Registration + Information: Juliana Barrett     + 49 171 3052285

Open Floor Workshops with Juliana Barrett

13.04. - 15.04. 2018   Dance of life with Juliana Barrett

28.09. - 30.09. 2018  Open Floor Workshop with Juliana Barrett




Details will follow.