Juliana Barrett Open Floor Teacher Munich

What happens on the Open Floor ?

If you are new to the world of conscious dance you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Why would I want to go to a class or a workshop? What’s in it for me?

This beautiful short film attempts to answer that question. It touches on how movement and embodied awareness can become a resource towards greater physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual intelligence. In short, Open Floor Movement Practice helps us become more sane and creative in the world at a time when we could all use it.

Filmed in Ireland at an Open Floor Training event, this film was a collaborative effort between filmmaker Will Harris and Open Floor founder Vic Cooper with massive amounts of help and support from Kathy Altman, Margaret Wagner, Shelley Hermon and editor Tara Wall.

Filmed by Will Harris, Barry Donnelan and Vic Cooper.
Filmed on location in Cork, Ireland at an Open Floor Teacher Training Module.


Dieses Video wurde in Irland auf einem Libido Fundamental Workshop gedreht und gibt einen kleinen Eindruck von der Arbeit mit Open Floor.

Uns beim Tanzen zu beobachten heißt, unsere Herzen sprechen zu hören.

Weisheit der Hopi